The history of SawallaH


  • SawallaH’s commitment to Sinchu-Gidom, Gambia, during an initial immersion trip.
  • Initiation of collaboration between DIA (Damian Institute) and SMA (Institute Sancta Maria) and SawallaH as part of the student exchange program Africrack.
  • First African Food Day.
  • Commencement of construction of SawallaH Nursery School.


  • Completion of SawallaH Nursery School.
  • Commencement of Early Child Development (ECD) training sponsored by SawallaH for the first teacher.
  • Africrack student exchange program in 2012.


  • Official recognition of SawallaH by the Gambian government, registered under the name SawallaH Foundation/Association.
  • First Breakfast Buffet, jointly organized by Africrack (DIA, SMA) and SawallaH.
  • Africrack student exchange program in 2014.


  • Plans for the lower school drawn by students of Construction and Carpentry at Damian Institute (DIA).
  • SawallaH registered as a 4th Pillar association and becomes a member of the 4th Pillar Panel under the umbrella of 11.11.11.
  • After a second immersion trip with 31 participants in 2013, we are once again heading to Gambia with 17 people.
  • Africrack student exchange program in 2016.


  • Commencement of construction of SawallaH Lower Basic School – five classrooms and a sanitary block.
  • Purchase of the land on which the nursery school was built.
  • Africrack student exchange program in 2017.


  • Drilling of a well with a solar-powered pump.
  • Completion of the five classrooms and the sanitary block.
  • Africrack student exchange program in 2018.


  • SawallaH Nursery School hosts and organizes the annual ‘Independence Day’ celebration for nursery schools in the region.
  • Construction of walls around the SawallaH school complex.
  • Africrack student exchange program in 2019.


  • Africrack student exchange program in 2020.
  • Support activities temporarily put on hold due to Covid-19. SawallaH Nursery and Lower Basic School reopened in October 2020 after a six-month lockdown. SawallaH was able to pay the salaries of teachers and support staff throughout this period.


  • In July 2022, the first students graduated from the 6th grade at SawallaH Lower Basic School. A special moment for all staff and members of SawallaH. These are the first students to complete the entire nursery and lower basic school curriculum with us.


  • Africrack student exchange program in 2023.
  • SawallaH’s directors clear the last administrative obstacles in Gambia. The lands and buildings of the SawallaH schools are finally registered and recognized as the property of the SawallaH Foundation.


  • Four students from UGent, under the auspices of Humasol vzw, will spend 2 months in Gambia to provide sustainable electricity to the SawallaH site.
  • The damaged roof of SawallaH Nursery, affected by the African sun and tropical storms, will be completely renewed.