The history of SawallaH


  • SawallaH’s commitment to the Sinchu-Gidom, community (The Gambia), during a first immersion trip.
  • Kick off common project with DIA (Damiaan Instituut, Aarschot), SMA (Sancta Maria Instituut Aarschot) and SawallaH. Student exchange program Africrack is born.
  • First African Food Day is organized, and money raised to start the construction of the Sawallah Nursery School.


  • Construction finished of the SawallaH Nursery School.
  • First teacher starts EDC course (Early Child Development) sponsored by SawallaH.
  • Student exchange program Africrack organizes a new trip to The Gambia, Africrack 2012.


  • The SawallaH group organizes a second trip to The Gambia with 31 participants. (Immersion trip).
  • Africrack student exchange is organized, Africrack 2013.


  • Official recognition by the Gambian government, registered as SawallaH Foundation/Association.
  • First breakfast buffet is organized as fund raising by Africrack (DIA, SMA) and SawallaH.
  • Student exchange trip, Africrack 2014.


  • To extend the school complex, a parcel of land next to the Nursery school is bought.
  • Africrack Student exchange is cancelled due to Ebola-epidemic in West Africa.


  • The students architecture of DIA (Damiaan Instituut) draw the plans for the extension of the school buildings.
  • SawallaH is registered as 4th Pillar association and becomes member of the 4th Pillar Advisory Panel under the umbrella of 11.11.11.
  • SawallaH organizes a third trip to The Gambia, 17 participants. (Immersion trip)
  • Africrack student exchange 2016.


  • Construction of the SawallaH Primary School starts. These works include 5 classrooms and one sanitary building.
  • The land on which the Nursery School is built, is bought by the SawallaH group.
  • Africrack Student exchange 2017.


  • A well is drilled and equipped with a solar-powered distribution pump.
  • The construction of the 5 classrooms and sanitary block is finished.
  • Africrack Student exchange 2018.


  • SawallaH Nursery School hosted and organized the annual Independence Day Celebration for the nursery schools in the area.
  • Fence is built around the school complex.
  • Africrack Student exchange 2019.


Student Exchange Africrack 2020.

Support activities were temporarily put on hold due to Covid-19. After a six-month lockdown, SawallaH Nursery and Primary School opened their doors in October 2020. SawallaH was able to continue paying teachers and support staff salaries throughout this period.


Neither visit to the site nor the student exchange were possible due to Covid-19. Despite the fact that SawallaH had to cancel almost all its activities, the wages of our people in Gambia could be paid. The construction of an electricity supply is planned for the near future.